This is probably obvious to everyone, but I no longer have a stable windows server that can run the server registry. Unless I get a lot of requests on the forum, it will remain offline until the rewrite is up.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

posted by Mycal | 8 years ago

I have released the odyssey private connector complete with source code on the download page. Go try it out since the registry is now offline.

posted by Mycal | 9 years ago

I am currently nearing the point where I can begin porting the old VB6 code to the new language. BSGame library is basically complete, I just need to get a small framework for the server and client and then the projects will be forked and work on Odyssey will resume.

Public Beta builds are a possibility, but only when feasible. I would not suggest anybody to use the Beta builds as a full server yet though. They will be highly experimental and will not have the full functionality of the current build.

posted by Mycal | 11 years ago