So I've stated several times that Odyssey was built on a now dead language and that I'm in the process of converting to VB.NET to keep along with the VB theme (in case someone else takes over down the line). I've decided on a few big changes to the Odyssey engine though to help speed the process along.

In case you are unfamiliar, I started a project called BSGame that is basically a 2D game library. It is custom built for my own needs, but I think it should also work very well for Odyssey as well. Therefore, while you as users will not see any immediate change, this will greatly speed up conversion since the entire library is already built and I just need to tailor it for Odyssey's needs.

Second, Odyssey scripting will also be receiving an upgrade. Since I was not given the source for the scripting (and it is written specifically for VB6) I will be dumping the language and move the scripting over to BSGame.Scripting which is based off of Lua. Do not worry too much though if you plan on reviving one of your old servers. I will be creating a new converter to convert your entire server over to the new formats INCLUDING your scripts. If your scripts cannot be converted, you can contact me and I will do my best to help work it out for you.

No promise on when I'll be done, just a couple things I wanted to share about the future of Odyssey.

posted by Mycal | 11 years ago

I've updated the client, updater, and server yesterday. More bug fixes. The client that I had uploaded apparently didn't work at all on windows 7 machines, but worked fine on winxp machines.

I hacked out all the Direct3D stuff because of incompatibilities with Windows 7. DirectX 7 and 8 3D is totally unsupported with Windows 7 (meaning it no worky at all). So that will have to wait until I can finish upgrading the client code to .NET.

The updated client and updater can update through the updater. The server must be manually downloaded.

posted by Mycal | 11 years ago

OK. I have uploaded all of the files needed to play the game. And I can't believe it, I made the end of the week deadline with 12 minutes to spare :).

The registry is online and the updater and server should both connect to it just fine. I'll have to run more tests to be sure or have someone report back to me, but all in all, I can't believe I made the deadline.

Too many fixes/changes to list right now, so I'll do that in a later post on the forums.

Visit the download section at the top of this page to find the downloads. The server registry link at the top is still in development and not supported by these downloads.

[EDIT 07/27/10 - 12:13AM]
Just finished a few more admin features on this site, mainly being able to edit news posts :P. But anyway. New version of updater has been uploaded, fixes registry connection issues. Server update is coming very soon.

posted by Mycal | 11 years ago